StratStep Logistics (SSL)

Code of Conduct

It is essential that the very highest standards of conduct and integrity be observed in all our dealings with our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, business partners along with government officials and the general public. 

To further this objective, StratStep Logistics Limited (SLL) has created this Corporate Code of Conduct. This Code, together with other SLL policies and guidelines, sets out the general legal and ethical principles and standards of behaviour that SLL expects from its employees.

This Code may also be made applicable to joint venture companies within the StratStep Group of companies. “StratStep Group of Companies” shall refer to SLL, its majority-owned subsidiaries and the joint venture companies with SLL or SLL’s subsidiaries. 

The broad areas covered in this Code are focused on People, Property and Finance.

No document, however detailed, can provide answers to every question or address every circumstance. This Code is therefore neither exclusive nor comprehensive. It seeks only to provide a high-level picture of what integrity and ethics mean to SLL and a roadmap to help navigate through some of the more common ethical issues. 

More guidance is available through related corporate policies or by contacting the SSL Ethics Team. Changes in the business context or regulatory environment will create a need for new principles, standards or guidelines. This is therefore a living document, subject to change without notice. SLL reserves the right to amend or terminate this Code of Conduct or any of the policies at any time for any reason.

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