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Air Freight

Shipping Services

StratStep Logistics (SSL) provide simplified airfreight solutions. We have the knowledge, expertise, and partner network to provide a full range of fast and efficient air freight services to and from all major (and not so major) destinations around the world. We will ensure that all of your shipments will reach their destination by the quickest, most reliable and most importantly, cost-effective means.

We offer both door-to-door and door-to-airport solutions, and our airfreight services are provided by direct IATA flight or through consolidation via our appointed representatives at all major airports.

We ensure that your freight meets the pre-arranged flight, and we take care of all landside operations, including customs clearance and specific collection and delivery requirements. All consignments are tracked, and we can also arrange packing, insurance and pre-shipment inspection upon request.

Our friendly airfreight team are always on hand to advise you, and their expertise ensures that your consignment will always arrive safely, securely and on time.

Ocean freight is part of our dedicated services to over 85 primary global destinations covering Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic States, India, Mediterranean, Far East, USA, Australasia and Latin America. StratStep Logistics Limited (SSL) are continuously introducing additional services and facilities to enhance and complement our extensive range of freight and ancillary services in conjunction with our global partnership network.

We are also in a position to offer ERTS (Enhanced Remote Transit Shed) facilities at various establishments throughout Europe for full load traffics. This allows non-EC member states to be cleared through Customs in transit. This means that full load cargo can proceed immediately upon arrival at ports to our nominated inland approved Customs terminals without the need to clear Customs Authorities at the port of entry.

Ocean Freight

Rail Freight

SSL experience operating and managing railroad networks across the world enables us to offer our customers comprehensive rail freight solutions.  For the timely, cost-effective delivery of freight overland, a strong rail network provides an efficient transport solution.

Our rail fleet provides safe, reliable and environmentally sound transport as part of the multimodal freight services we offer throughout our global network.  We have rail offerings that connect our customers to major economic regions worldwide to better support their supply chains.

Our rail logistics services:

  • provision of rail containers

  • access to container yards across our rail networks

  • pickup and delivery services

  • extended services during peak periods

Road Freight


Shipments up to 2,500 kg are handled as groupage. Your cargo is picked up by a member of our distribution network in the country of dispatch and consolidated on our international trucks. For our groupage shipments we have fixed routes which gives us the ability to offer road transport with regular departures, high frequency and short transit times which provides cost-effective solutions to you.

Part Load

We offer direct pick-up and delivery of part load shipments at very favourable rates.  SSL has thousands of trucks globally and our own terminals, employees and freight forwarding system in most countries. We handle millions of shipments annually, so we can always find space for your cargo on one of our trucks.

Full Load

Our full load services are flexible, fast and available to the most remote parts of the world, thanks to our thousands of trucks on the roads every day of the year. For handling full load shipments, we have our own terminals and employees and a common unique freight forwarding system in most countries.

Temperature Controlled

We specialise in temperature-controlled transport services, which poses strict demands on all stages of the transport process. Our refrigeration fleet of modern vehicles is available to deliver anywhere globally as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Delivering on time we offer our customers the delivery of ambient, chilled, frozen and multi-temperature goods.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods or hazardous cargo are subject to complex rules as accidents or incorrect handling may have serious consequences for humans, animals and the environment. Therefore, we take great pride and care in our management and transport of all Dangerous Goods.

The transportation and handling of dangerous goods or hazardous cargo are of high priority to us and that is why we have developed and implemented safety control procedures covering all links of the transport chain. The sole purpose is to prevent accidents and make sure that all rules and safety controls are observed. Trust your Dangerous Goods with StratStep Logistics.

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